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5000 Belt Line Rd Suite 850A


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Ideals that motivate us.


Our concept is integral and has its starting point in the decision of the name we chose: Cafe 67.

67 degrees is the “ideal” temperature for walking the streets. Not cold, not hot ... IDEAL.


67 is more than a name for us, it is our challenge: to offer the client an ideal experience.


That ideal is based on principles before which we are intransigent:


- Kitchen focused on flavor.

To provide an ideal flavor and for that we work with high standards of quality and taste from the design of our menu to the preparation of each dish.


- Homemade.

Our differential proposal is in “from scratch” food with fresh and quality raw materials and everything prepared “homemade”.


- Attention based on kindness and empathy.

For an experience to be ideal, attention is key.


- Space with identity.

The design of our space, the lighting, the music, the decoration, the warmth of the materials, each element aims to create a pleasant and memorable climate.