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Av. Calzada del Valle 401.

Local j-2. Col. del Valle

San Pedro Garza García.

Monterrey. N.L.

1366-5959 / 1366-5969

Av. Juarez 1102. Local 11

(entre Juarez y Garibaldi)

Col. Centro.

Monterrey. N.L.

2169-3233 / 2169-3234







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Walk along a pier.


The market grows and people have more and more offers. The key then is to find the answer to a simple question.

Why will they continue to choose us?

The answer lies in our work philosophy based on 4 fundamental pillars that support “our pier” and a premise: the client in the center.

- Fresh products and everything homemade:

Our key and our differential factor are that our gastronomic proposal is based on the quality and freshness of the raw material, brought directly from the coasts of Mexico and the design of our specials in order to constantly search and find the best opportunities in fresh products. It is also a differential that our tortillas and sauces are prepared at the moment and at homemade.

- Cuisine based on taste and diversity:

Our recipes are designed to achieve the best taste, satisfying the different palates.

- Fair price:

There is cheap, expensive and us: fair.

The right thing is that the client pays an affordable price for a great experience.

- A place with identity:

Our transformation process focuses on the client finding a place designed to see and experience the “from scratch” process.


Our obsession is to make the client live a highly positive experience that activates all their senses, like someone who walks through a pier going into the sea.