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7949 Walnut Hill Ln

Dallas | Preston

469 567 3319

SMU | 6425 Boaz Lane,

Dallas, TX 75205

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Good food, good vibes.


We know a lot about tacos and Mexican food, that's why we design flavors that rescue the essence of Mexico and make it accessible and tempting for our client's palate.


- Taste our obsession.

The preparation “homemade” of sauces and tortillas and the freshness of the raw material are key factors to offer our customers an experience centered on taste and quality.


- Attention based on kindness and empathy.

We focus on providing differential and especially close attention.

Our motto is: “the client wants to return”.


- Seeing is believing.

The concept “from scratch” is a fundamental and differential factor in our offer. That's why we not only do it “homemade” but in view of our client. We know that people in Dallas have special recognition for this.


- Space with identity.

The design of our space, the lighting, the music, the decoration, the warmth of the materials, each element aims to create a pleasant and memorable climate.